5 Axis Machining in China

5-axis milling is the best advanced solution for extremely complicated components that require the highest precision. Because all features will be completed under one-time set-up, higher accuracy but less machining time & lower tooling costs will be achieved.

As a leading 5 axis machining China factory which has operated for more than 10 years, we have world-class five axis CNC milling machines to consistently deliver remarkable results at affordable prices to serve clients in various industries across the earth.

Our capabilities include top-quality milling for a wide range of raw materials, including challenging high temperature alloys, Brass, Tool steel, Inconel, titanium, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Tungsten, Copper, Carbon Steel, Bronze, Sterling Silver and most plastics like Nylon, ABS, Polycarbonate, Acetal, PP, etc.

Our team of highly skilled CNC machinists have the experience and expertise required to make tight tolerance parts with 1 to 100 micron accuracy. Contact us now to discuss the manufacturability of your design ideas and your satisfaction will be guaranteed.


5 Axis CNC Milling Services

Being an experienced 5 axis milling China company, we offers five-axis CNC machining services at competitive prices with achieving positional accuracy of 5um and an angular tolerance of two thousandth's of a degree.

Our factory specializes in true 5-axis contour machining, manufacturing the most complex 5-axis machining components with ease. It will take more than just excellent milling and programming skills to perform true any five axis processing job without years' practices.

Our manufacturing engineers will program, fixture, setup the machines, and produce the components themselves, running the job until all the fine-tuning is complete.

After long-term hard work, we've developed a cost effective, efficient & accurate process that delivers first-rate results. Even for parts that can be machined on a 3 axis machine, multi-axis machining is still more valuable by saving much time on set up, benching or fixturing, which benefits clients as a result.

Send your toughest machining tasks to us. We can help you deliver it faster and better.


5 Axis Machined Parts

As one of important 5 axis machining China manufacturers, we supply hugely complex CNC machined components with greater accuracy and outstanding surface finishes. Low prices could be achieved by our special practices to help clients lower product costs and win competition.

If customers are seeking turbine or impeller work, they might know the complexity of this component's contours. We understand the challenges, knowing our equipment and five axis CNC machine operators have the skills to make impellers with the highest accuracy and precision, no matter the size demands.

We operate and thrive in the market where manufacture and delivery of the complicated parts must satisfy the bottom line & ensure quality and precision. As overseas clients are in search of reduced labour costs, we dedicate ourselves to be highly competitive.

Our years of experience with the advanced multi-axis CNC machining equipment gives us the unmatched expertise that allows our factory to execute the most difficult machine tasks reliably, repeatedly & cost-effectively.


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To get quick quote of parts, please send us 2D drawings in PDF or DWG format and 3D drawings in STEP, IGES or X_T format.

If detailed requirements have been offered, such as tolerance, quantity, material, lead time, heat and surface treatment, the official quotation will be available in 24 hours.