3-Axis CNCMilling Machine “Magic Bullet” 2

Check out these four axis milling images:

three-Axis CNCMilling Machine “Magic Bullet” two
4 axis milling
Image by r_william.king
On the other side, a copper thread which is 1/4 x 20 -)

three-Axis CNCMilling Machine Motor Mount 4
4 axis milling
Image by r_william.king
Right here, the &quotX&quot axis is mounted to the black pipe. Same type of mounting scheme as in the Y-stage but modified. Star lock washers are employed on the screws.

TinyG Bot Mini CNC Mill
4 axis milling
Image by rileyporter
Inspired by the &quotMantis guys&quot I began this little cnc that is full laser cut-able. As constantly TinyG will drive the stepper motors and consume the gcode 🙂

The bot axis supports &quotface plates&quot Which means, I have faces for NEMA 17 and NEMA 23’s. So you may pick your poison 🙂

Supplies are 1/2 plywood (fine grain) and 1/four masonite (hardboard)

Note: This is an weekend style and construct session. I did not get as far as I hoped. Will attach captive nuts / motors most most likely this week.