Cool Turbine Blade Manufacture pictures

Check out these turbine blade manufacture pictures:

Mauretania’s Turbines
turbine blade manufacture
Image by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums
Photograph displaying the assembly of a turbine rotor. Every single of the blades had been reduce to length by hand and there were more than three million blades in “Mauretania’s” turbines.

RMS MAURETANIA was a single of the most renowned ships ever constructed on Tyneside.

Manufactured by Wallsend Slipway &amp Engineering Co. Ltd.

Reference: TWAS: DS.WS.143.42

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Wind Energy Image from Gurit
turbine blade manufacture
Image by Gurit Composites
Gurit is a major international supplier of sophisticated composite materials for the wind power marketplace. Possessing manufacturing capabilities for prepreg, SPRINT® structural core, adhesives and infusion systems in Asia, North America and Europe, Gurit is ideally positioned to offer neighborhood service to its international buyers.