Lastest Shrouded Impeller Machining News

GE Oil &amp Gas wins best award for nickel base shrouded impeller
two As shown in the left-most CAD image, (a), the shrouded impeller consists of a quantity of complex vanes sandwiched among strong surfaces. The element is hard to machine from a strong billet. As seen on the proper, (b), HIP PM net shape tactics …
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High-speed milling of huge impellers
Impellers can be manufactured with channels that are open or closed by a cover disk (see Figure 2). Casting in expendable moulds with subsequent polishing is a classic manufacturing approach for closed impellers. Combined techniques are milling of the open&nbsp…
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5-Axis Machine Blends Energy, Tiny Perform Zone
Most of this function is performed on 15 vintage, five-axis Sundstrand machining centers that the business has retrofitted with its personal rotary spindle heads, custom impeller machining computer software and control technique. Drawing on their experiences as machine tool&nbsp…
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