Mills Wilderness Adventures~Augusta Montana

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Mills Wilderness Adventures~Augusta Montana
complex milling china
Image by Robert Lz
"The Bob", nicknamed by the U.S. Forest Service employees, ranges in altitudes of 4,000 to over 9,000 feet A long escarpment known as the Chinese Wall and extends for 22 miles Aside from numerous waterfalls, lakes, and dense forests, the wilderness is also prime Grizzly bear habitat and the U.S. Forest Service claims that the population density of this species is higher than can be found anywhere else in the U.S. outside of Alaska. The Bob is also home to many other large mammals such as moose, elk, black bear, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, wolverine, mountain lion, lynx, and wolf. Bald eagles, osprey, pelican, and trumpeter swan are just a few of the bird species found. The dense old growth forests are dominated by Douglas fir, larch, and spruce. Forest fires have changed large areas in the wilderness complex in recent years.

Wilderness areas Does Not allow motorized or mechanical equipment including bicycles or hanggliders.