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Image by HJSP82
As time goes by, Britain will quickly have to wake up to the aweful fact that our power supplies are drying up. A lot of old energy stations will have to be de-comissioned and new ones constructed. We cannot rely on gas fired alone due to N Sea gas coming to an end, the Russian gas is topic to a lot of political changes, so can not be relied on, though we are receiving some restricted supplies from Norway. Nuclear is achievable now in a considerably safer way, but is extremely sensitive in the world political arena, but it is the cheapest option. So maybe you can realize the flurry of activity from our government as they start to panic and develop a couple of hundred of these turbines. It will not cease there, wave energy, geo-thermal and solar energy will soon together be our primary supplier of green energy.
Nicely if the government want to save a few billion pounds, they may possibly want to employ me as there chief advisor on alternative energy, I will only charge them half a million quid per annum, and I can then inform them to make every one particular turn off unused lights, unessessary street lights and ridiculous heating of offices and buildings. This alone would be the begin and would negate any needs to have turbines or nuclear. In reality, if we all did a bit to save energy, we may possibly even not need to have any more power stations at all! As a kid, we never ever had electric, operating water or water toilets. We were pleased and survived on really little.
Passing Lisset final week, I managed to get a far better shot. I had the proper lens and camera with me, plus there was better light. Eight have gone up now, three much more will follow quickly.
Nordex 90’s are one particular of the biggest turbines at present in production, every single capable of producing two.5mw at complete bore!
As for the crane, effectively that is an great piece of kit, lifts 500 tons, just appear at the size!