Pet Games That Turn Dogs Into Superheroes

Pet Games That Turn Dogs Into Superheroes

Few things in this world beat the feeling of a kid when he takes his first look at a new puppy when he arrives to his home for the first time. Following these emotions, the creators of free pet games online have attempted to bring some of these sensations alive through the creation of games that turn dogs and cats and other creatures into superheroes. After all, the next best thing to your puppy at home could possibly be the virtual one on the screen. Pet games you can play free online are the new genre of arcade games that feature domestic animals as the main characters in the plot. Simple dogs and puppies take on the role of flying heroes with a cape and super powers. Games like “Super Doggy” feature a dog that is capable of flight and acquires special powers along the way by acquiring certain objects.

Breaking away from the traditional ninja fighter or terminator robot with devastating abilities and super powers, pet games online intend to make man’s best friend even better. Dogs in general seem to create a niche of their own in any home. They eat, sleep and play next to the children, and in turn the kids grow very fond of them. This is the reason behind the increasing demand for pet games that turn animals such as dogs into superheroes. Your furry and cuddly best friend is now your bodyguard, chasing after your enemies.

Most dog superhero games are made in the Flash platform. This code, previously owned by Macromedia and recently acquired by Adobe, allows developers to create enticing game titles with complex story lines and detailed graphics. The games are fast loading and browser based, allowing players to easily seek out these games online and play at their whim. There are also free, kept online by free arcade websites adding even more appeal to the experience. No special hardware is required, other than a regular computer with an internet connection. One of the most remarkable features of free pet games online is the music score. Well thought out audio mixes complemented with nifty special effects add a great deal of excitement to the adventure.

These pet games that feature dogs as superheroes are safe as well. They are void of violent scenes and lack the imagery that characterizes the action games of today. Things like blood, weapons, violence and foul language are not part of these pet games. Animals are displayed as characters in a super hero drama that involves the enemies, the victims and of course, our super hero dog. He aims to rescue his friends in an adventure, which doesn’t involve much more than a bump in the head when the character jumps over them.

Playing free pet games that turn your dog into a superhero can be quite challenging, but also very fun. It is a great way to spend free time along with family and friends. They are safe to play, and provide a cheap way for people to burn some energy at home.

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