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Image from page 583 of “The steam engine and turbine; a text-book for engineering colleges” (1911)
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Identifier: steamengineturbi01heck
Title: The steam engine and turbine; a text-book for engineering colleges
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Authors: Heck, Robert Culbertson Hays, 1870-
Subjects: Steam-engines Steam-turbines
Publisher: New York, D. Van Nostrand company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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SECTION M.-M.THROUGH WATER PUMP, Fig. 400. โ€” The Leblanc Condenser and Pumps. From Bulletin of Westinghouse Machine Company. air from the condenser is carried out by and with the water. Partlyby suction of the vacuum, partly by the impeller, the current is givensufficient velocity to expel it against outside pressure. If the coldwater tank is not high enough for flow to the pump by gravity, steamis let in at L when starting up. This air pump can equally well be usedwith a surface condenser. A fundamentally equivalent device, although quite different inform, is shown in Fig. 401. Water, from a special centrifugal pump, 568 SUNDRY STEAM APPLIANCES. [Chap. XI.

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Fig. 401. โ€” TomlinsonAir Ejector, with con-denser in Fig. 394 comes in at W and is discharged through a ring nozzle in a hollow coni-cal jet or sheet. Air from A has parallel admission both inside andoutside of the cone of water. The latter breaksinto spray, yet with enough velocity for self-expulsion, and air is mixed with and carried outby this broken stream. If water is not plentiful, the same supply maybe used over and over again in these air pumps.The scheme is essentially that of the old ejectorcondenser, but with the advantage that the wholecondensate need not be cooled to the low tem-perature necessary for effective air removal athigh vacuum. Devices of this class are not sub-jected to the definite volumetric limitations ofpiston pumps. (p) Power Consumed by Condenser Pumps.โ€” With steam-driven pumps, this is a rather in-determinable quantity; and if the exhaust fromthese auxiliaries be used to heat the feed water, their power cost is al-most zero, as shown in ยง 26 (g), pa

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