Deep Investigation Report on China Wind Turbine Blade Sector — Aarkstore Enterprise

Deep Investigation Report on China Wind Turbine Blade Sector — Aarkstore Enterprise

Deep Analysis Report on China Wind Turbine Blade Sector — Aarkstore Enterprise

China Wind Blade Sector, introduced China Wind turbine blade market current status and coming years improvement trend forecast.this report firstly introduced wind turbine blade manufacturing processes and technologies and also introduced technologies applications and associated processes raw supplies and equipments supply.

Then introduced China wind turbine blade capacity production provide demand and 2010-2014 forecast. and then, introduced China 18 wind turbine businesses all kinds of blades(750KW 850KW 1MW 1.25MW 1.5MW 2.0MW 2.5MW 3.0MW and so on) capacity production Cost Price tag Profit Profit Margin downstream wind turbine consumers(such as Sinovel Gold Wind DEC and so forth) and capacity expansion plan, also introduced China all blade businesses capacity market share production marketplace share, total wind turbine blade supply from 2009-2014 and China wind turbine blade demand from 2009-2014, and wind turbine blade shortage from 2009-2014,wind turbine cost value production worth profit margin from 2009-2014 and wind turbine blade provide relationship with wind turbine firms.what is much more, most of related data or info had been list by wind turbine blade Specification(750KW 850KW 1MW 1.25MW 1.5MW 2.0MW two.5MW three.0MW etc).

Lastly, the report conduct a extensive summary of China Wind Turbine Blade market, such as the previous present and forecast the future, we also make a feasibility evaluation of 500 sets/year 1.5MW Wind Turbine blade project,we carry out an accurate calculation on investment price, income, profitability, payback period. In a word, it was a depth research report on china Wind Turbine Blade business chain. And thanks to the China Wind Turbine Blade marketing or technologies authorities aid and assistance throughout QYResearch Wind Energy group survey and interviews.

Table of Contents :

Chapter 1 Wind Turbine Blade Sector Overview 1
1.1 Definition of Wind Turbine Blade 1
1.2 Classification and Application two
1.three Wind Turbine Blade Structure 3
1.4 Market Chain Structure 4
1.five Wind Turbine Blade Business Outlook 4

Chapter Two Manufacture Technologies and Processes of Wind Turbine Blade 12
2.1 Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing Technology Overview 12
two.two Wind Turbine Blade Manufacture 14
two.2.1 Raw supplies and Gear 17
2.2.two Wind Turbine Blade Expense structure 18
2.3 Raw components and gear suppliers 20
2.three.1 Wind Turbine Blade Mould 20 Lianyungang-baoxiang Machinery Co., Ltd 21
two.three.1.two Baoding HuaYi Wind Turbine Blade R•D Co.,Ltd 22
two.3.1.three Suzhou Hongfeng Wind Power Co., Ltd. 22
2.3.1.four ShangHai YinTuo Wind Energy Technologies Co., Ltd. 23
two.3.two Resin 23 Swancor (Tianjin) wind power material Co.,Ltd 24
two.3.two.2 Jinling DSM Resins Co.,Ltd. 25
2.3.two.three BASF(USA) 25
2.3.two.four Hexion Specialty Chemical compounds 27
two.3.two.five DOW 28
2.3.two.six Epoxy base electronic material corporation limited 28
two.3.three Glass fiber merchandise 29
two.3.3.1 Jushi Group Co., Ltd 33
2.three.three.two SAERTEX 34
2.three.three.3 Owens Corning 35
2.3.3.four Changshu Jiangnan Glass Fiber 35 Taishan Fiberglass Inc. 36
two.3.4 Sandwich material 38
2.3.four.1 DIAB 39
2.3.four.two Sino Composite Co., Ltd. 40
two.three.five Supplementary material 41
two.three.five.1 Shanghai Yueke Composite Co., Ltd 41
2.three.5.two Tianjin Fusai Science&ampTechnology Improvement Co.,Ltd 42
2.4 China Wind Turbine Blade enterprises Manufacturing Technology 43
2.5 Prospect of Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing Technology 44

Chapter 3 China Wind Turbine Blade Productions Provide Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast 45
3.1 Wind Turbine Blade Productions Overview 45
three.2 Wind Turbine Blade Demand 50
3.three Supply and Demand of China Wind Turbine Blade 154
3.4 Expense Value Value Profit Margin of China Wind Turbine Blade 154
three.five Wind Turbine Blade Consumer connection List 158
3.6 2009-2014 Different Wind Turbine Blades New Installed Capacity(MW)and Market share List 159

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