A Fresh Look At Post Processing

A Fresh Look At Post Processing

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by wallyg

A Fresh Look At Post Processing

Post processing has in recent times evolved into an efficient set of code optimization tools. It has in the past been explained as a CAM (computer aided manufacturing) tool that read computer instructions and translated them into readable machine language. Now it might possibly be the most effective machine output code tool available on the market.

Post processing is a method through which certain technology may be enhanced or inhibited, depending on the application. It is used to bring two kinds of technology together in order to make up for weaknesses that might be found at either end. These processors could hold the key to factory automation.

In most 5-axis production systems, the only thing between the tools and the CAM system is the post-processor. New research has shown that the processor can’t fully account for the different tool patterns a machine might have. This may lead to inaccurate results due to the varying factors.

New software has been developed to bridge this gap. It is designed to simulate any milling machine in an integrated 3-D environment. It can analyze, optimize and modify 5-axis tool paths.

Tools for simulating and verifying tool paths are part of this package. These tools are state of the art but still user friendly. Simulations that are run in real-time, can give the user an idea of how the process would work in real life.

To take the guess work out of the process, the simulation of the true 5-axis tool path is almost 100% corrected by this program. Running real-time simulations of the true machine path helps the user detect problems before sending the information to the milling machine. In this way, faults and losses can be minimized.

A Machine Collision program from the same company has also been guaranteed for its accuracy. They feel confident about this as they used milling machine models direct from the providers to test the software in the developmental stages. This might be a revolutionary system for those who would like to maximize profit and minimize losses.

Many popular add-ons may be made to the client’s model, as this software supplier works closely with machine tool vendors. This ensures that the buyer can easily import their fixtures and finished part geometry. By doing this nothing is missed.

The machine collision program developed has been said to be cost saving in many ways. By using this specific program one may be able to avoid tool, part and machine collisions. These collisions might be common in those factories that still run on an earlier post-processing program. Usually those programs do not guarantee the same accuracy this new technology offers.

Costly collisions have been the reason for down-time in many production lines. To help keep the milling machines up and running, this software suppliers pride themselves on quality research and development for the clients’ satisfaction and benefit. Those interested in the software might want to try searching keywords such as “complete machine collision program” on-line. This should render various leads to the appropriate website and aid them in running a better business.

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