How A Home Windmill Kit Works

How A Home Windmill Kit Works

How A Home Windmill Kit Works

Without a doubt the home wind turbine kit is coming into its own. Not too long ago, when turbines were all very large. As a matter fact, wind farms with only way that people in most parts of the world actually received renewable energy from windmills. But now, with the advent of technology that allows for smaller and more efficient design, home sized wind turbine kits are a way for consumers to quickly offset rising power costs.

We simply won’t have any choice in the future but to use all means at our disposal to make electricity for our homes. We just can’t count on the large utilities to manufacture electricity for us anymore. The reason is the reliable fossil fuels of the past are dwindling at an alarming rate.

You are probably familiar with the way a basic wind turbine works, but I will go into an overview for your re-familiarization:

Blade systems – the blades on home wind turbine kits are usually very light weight. In most cases, there are three blades present, but sometimes as many as five blades can be used more high-tech designs on the home wind turbine kit. Cut-in speed is a huge consideration and blade system design. The lower the cut-in speed, the more quickly power can be made with the turbine. If you cut-in speed is very low you can make electricity in almost any wind conditions.

Replace the turbine – there are a number of places you can locate a turbine on your property. Some of the more popular include on top of your house at a good location that takes into consideration Roof Effect. Or, if you have the flexibility, you can place your wind turbine on a tower and elevate it 30 feet above the height of the trees and get very strong and consistent wind almost anywhere.

Price – while it is possible to purchase wind generation devices for less than $ 1000, most are in the $ 1200-$ 2000 range. It is certainly possible to spend a lot more than that if your mounting on top of a tower, because the tower itself can cost as much as the wind turbine.

In this most basic sense, the wind turbine is very straightforward. The old Dutch windmill type is what we commonly call today a HAWT, or a horizontal axis wind turbine and is for sure the most common design out there.

The blades are turned by the wind and the wind turns a rotating shaft inside the turbine housing. That turbine shaft will create electricity by rotating within an area of magnetic field. Then, the electricity that’s made travels down the wires in the windmill’s pedestal to whatever the load source is. They can either be a set of batteries or small pump.

There’s almost no way to go wrong with buying a home wind turbine kit. They’re not that expensive and you can start producing energy almost immediately upon setting the system up.

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