Image from web page 461 of “Illinois state enterprise directory : 1860 …” (1860)

Image from web page 461 of “Illinois state enterprise directory : 1860 …” (1860)

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Image from web page 461 of “Illinois state company directory : 1860 …” (1860)
machining turbine wheel
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Identifier: illinoisstatebussmit
Title: Illinois state business directory : 1860 …
Year: 1860 (1860s)
Authors: Smith &amp DuMoulin, comp
Publisher: Chicago (88 Dearborn Street) : J.C.W. Bailey &amp Co.
Contributing Library: Lincoln Economic Foundation Collection
Digitizing Sponsor: The Institute of Museum and Library Services by way of an Indiana State Library LSTA Grant

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Text Appearing Before Image:
ls, etc. Rul)lHr Gloves, Carriage and Nursery Cloths, Camp Blankets, AirBedd, f Jllows and Cushions, Piano Covers, Stationers Bands, Erasing Rul)ber, and all types of Rubber Goods. LACE LEATHER, BELT HOOKS AIVD CLASPS. RAILROAD SUPPLIES. Also Agents for Stover &amp Coffins Patent Planing Machine and Wood Machinery, and so forth. WALWORTH, HUBBARD &amp CO. DEALERS IN WROUaET IRON FIFE &ampBOILER FLUES AND Manufacturers OF VALVES, iOOliS, iyjIiES, PyiMPS, AND Every single DESCRIPTION OP »-♦-» AGENTS FOR If^orlhington^s Steam Pumps, ^IshcrofVs I^otv – Detector,Campbell ff^tiittier Sf Co^s Steatn Engines, Also we make to order STEAM BOILERS OP ALL Types, Of superior Pennsylvania Charcoal Iron, manufactured expressly for us. Particular interest provided to warmingbuildings by Steam and Hot Water, either higher or low stress. 181 LAKE STREET, GIEIOL-GjBl^O^ H^WLjBl^W^IEK- OF JOHN T. NOYES ill iiiiiii Hii FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT. ■a?. 3sr o^s E s. FLOUR PA^CKER P bD W aw h w CO o H CO t4 9 Pi POPi o

Text Appearing After Image:
VI H© CD ^,*^ ? en- M •^ J2^ ( H HH =three=: H 5 O ^ u C^O % • CUOO Ml STONES MANDFACTUaED AT THIS ESTABlISHfflENT Are completed on new and improved principles, and are as close to excellent, as obtained by the ideal companies in theworld. The credit of this establishment for the previous thirty-5 years in furnishing Mill Findings for nearly everyState and Territory in the Union, is effectively identified, and shall be maintained. PlUlOliS, illLL SPJUiLiS, SBIOSE POTS Complete, warranted very best in use for huge and modest Stones. Improved Center Vent Turbine Water Wheels, FITTED WITH CAST STEEL OR BOILER IRON BUCKETS, Warranted to produce a high per centage of Power. Improved SMUT MACHINE AND SEPARATOR. IMPORTERS OF GENUINE OLD mm MR mm iif biiltimi cloths, Millers in want of Bolting Cloths for manufacturing extraquality of Flour can depend upon obtaining the genuine OldDutch Anl&lter. Single and Double Further Bolting Cloths made up in a su-perior style, by providing diame

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machining turbine wheel
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machining turbine wheel
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