Home Wind Turbine Kit – Just How Long Have Wind Farms Been Around

Home Wind Turbine Kit – Just How Long Have Wind Farms Been Around

Home Wind Turbine Kit – Just How Long Have Wind Farms Been Around

The home wind turbine kit concept is not a new one. As a matter fact, it has come out of the technological improvements made on large wind turbine farms found all over the world. As it turns out, the United Kingdom is a leader in that effort. But, not all of the technological advancements happen there.

Truly, they go back centuries and began way before civilization as we know it came into existence. Getting control over natural resources has been something that has interested societies always back to the beginning of recorded time. As we all know, ships have used renewable energy for years to power their crafts across the water, as well as wind driven grist mills that were part of societies as far back as the time before Christ.

In more recent times, using windmills to create power started in the late 1800s and the British Isles. Back then a professor at a university in Scotland made the first wind turbine. He used it to provide electricity to his own home. The machine he built stayed up writing for quarter of a century.

It was very effective in actually made more energy than he needed for his home. If that were to happen today, the energy could be sent back to the utility via the net meter. A net meter does this by subtracting the amount of renewable energy that you send to the power company from the amount of electricity used by from the utility through their wires.

Due to the availability of fossil fuels, no one really pursued using the wind to drive turbines again until the 1950s. In America about the same time another Scottish professor constructed wind turbine. It was over 10 kW – enormous in comparison to the windmill that was made in Scotland previously.

During the 1890s there was considerable research done in Europe regarding blade technology as a matter of fact this technology was used to provide power for a village until the late 1950s. Around 1915 in the United States, there was a huge spurt in growth with thousands of devices making power.

The majority of these were used to power devices like pumps they were too far away from centralized power to get their electricity from fossil fuel driven central power generators.

In the last decade most green energy large wind power generating facilities have been in the United Kingdom – that is at least one offshore variety. The exciting thing about all this is that renewable energy types are becoming very popular again.

Home wind turbine kit manufacturing is coming into its own, spurred on by the proliferation of large wind farms both on shore and offshore.

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